|Cook and Effy|

Cook had been nothing but sulking around his aunt’s house for about a month. He was still going out during the nights, getting wasted, bringing girls home, but he just didn’t feel like himself, he didn’t feel like the normal Cook, that he was a year ago. The Cook who didn’t care about anybody but himself. Now, he just had a lot on his mind. He was still getting over his best friend’s death, and he hadn’t talked to the girl that he loved in so long, he was starting to feel lost. Now of course, he would never admit this to anybody, and had troubles himself, admitting it, but it was the truth. His heart had been split in two, and wasn’t getting better any time soon. All he did during the day was lay in bed, like a miserable person. Staring at his wall, drinking and smoking. But today, Cook wanted to do something different. Something, that would be worth his day. He got up, got into a change of clothes, and walked out of the house, not even bothering to tell his aunt where he was going, and not like she cared anyways. 

He started walking, and this time, he knew where he was walking to. Effy Stonem. The girl that was always on Cook’s mind. Day and night. All he wanted was to talk to her again, and today was going to be the day, where they were going to talk, whether she liked it or not. He knew that she was probably going through a lot since Freddie’s death, and Cook was probably the last person she wanted to see. But he didn’t care, he needed to talk to her, and most importantly, the two of them needed to talk. Cook’s heart was racing, and the closer he got to her house, the harder his heart pumped. He finally reached her front door, and could hardly feel his heart, for how nervous he was. Effy was the only girl who would ever make him feel like this, and he didn’t know why. He softly knocked on the door and waited for the door to open. He looked down at his shoes and shortly after, the door opened, where he saw Effy’s mother. “Is Effy around?” She smiled softly at her, hoping that the answer would be yes. 

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